Friday, April 4, 2014



“Luna! Where the fuck is my car?”

“Why would I know? Jesus.”

“Hey, I’m talking to you! Where the fuck is my car?”

“For the last time, I don’t know anything about your stupid car.”

“Maybe a swim in the pool will jog your memory.”

“Hey, put me down!”

“Start talking, missy. It’s a short walk.”

“I really don’t know where your car is but if you put me down, maybe I can help you find it!”

“Too late. I just found it.”


“Right there.”

“Oh my god, someone drove it into the pool!”

“Someone’s going to pay for this.”

“It wasn’t me, sir. You got to believe me!”

“I believe you.”

“Who do you think did it then?”

“Alex and I’m going to kill him.”

“Oh, wait. No. See, you don’t know that for sure.”

“It was Alex! God dammit.”

 “No, it couldn’t have been him. He's a really nice guy! Alex would never do something like… Hey, wait! Let go, put me down. I don’t want to go for a swim! The water is cold and…”


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